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About Venetio

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We are a company group of housewives who often have to do housework. How to choose good quality and good price household items has become our favorite topic.After our attention and sample experience, we are glad to recommend our excellent products to more people who share the same concerns with us in the world.

With the deepening of the work, we found that the more good quality products manufacturers in our city, of course, in order to maintain a high sharpness and professional for the product, we have been for years to get the team to focus on a professional category, continuous improvement of product upgrades, thousands of excellent kitchen and bathroom household products, we will be one of them, or ten,or thousand.

We're willing to put in the extra time and effort, and we enjoy the process.Therefore, we have a new name for our team: Venetio. 

And our slogan is : Love our home&kitchen.

Hope our sharing can get your attention and recognition.Also hope that your suggestion can let us know, and continuous progress!

Let housework become simple, let life more quality!

Let's work together!