This is a founded in 2005, only 20 people team, from the start of a customer service, only two employees, and now hundreds of customer service, 20 employees, we handle hundreds of customers in the world of the sourcing service, has been busy looking for a suitable manufacturer, to help customers processing from order finalized, payment, workshop communications,quality inspection before shipment, the truck arrangement,  customs clearance, shipment docs prepared, every detail, we repeat every day.

For the past 8 years, our team has been focused on developing unique products for Home&Kitchen customers in the UK, US and Japan.

In the meantime, we hold the highest quality requirements in our own hands like a lifeline.

However, we are still doing the same linear work as before.

In 2018, we started our own online brand VENETIO.

It is still a brand of Home&Kitchen, have accumulated 15 years of high quality manufacturing supplier choose the more high quality products, the quality of the product, still need to be like us in the past 15 years, or even higher, the brand is just like a newborn baby, the world is full of curiosity and unknown, grow in constant study hard, to grow up to be what we want - in fact, we are also a good partner in your life.


Let us be a part of your delicate home life.