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Make sure that you have a wrench in hand and flexible hose attached from your water supply to your toilet. Make sure the water in your existing hose is dripped off before installation. To test it, though, turn on the water very slowly so that you can check before it leaks.

It is 49 in, for the bathroom 9 Square Meter if need to clean , it is totally no problem.

Yes, sure, i think it is the best solution for someone is not so convenient.

It can be hung on the wall, but most convenient is put it hung in the toilet tank. So easy.

As long as the water supply line has a shut off valve you can this. If it doesn't you could ask your apartment manager to have the maintenance guys to install it. I live in an apartment and it really only took me 10 minutes to install it. I love it

Yes, dear. it is 6 months quality warranty . don't worry to shop with Venetio, any unsatisfied ,just contact us to solve.


Yes, It covers the entire mirror.....We are super pleased with ours....Go ahead and buy it! You will be glad you did!

If you want to use wall switch, please keep the wall switch ON for power supply, then mirror touch button ON/OF is workable, and the latest luminance (10%-100%) setting can be kept.Once the wall switch is OFF, all settings will be back to factory settings. So we suggest only hard wired it, don't use wall switch.But we have achieved this function and will update the stock soon.

Spayer mop

Try soaking it in vinegar. I have found that many cleaning products tend to clog up this type of mop. The vinegar will loosen the build-up. Now the only thing I use in my mop is a mixture of half water to half vinegar and it works perfect.

You can put in into the washmachine first, then leave it air dry is fine.

I put in the washer and dryer . I have even used Flórez on it and it’s still good .

Spin mop

Yes, it can be used if your mop fits the size of the mop bucket.normally the round one in the market size is very similar or same. so you can . 

Yes it can, It cleans everything with such ease and without having to touch the mop itself.

Dish rack

Yes, it’s removable. It can be placed all around 

The material high quality aluminum.

Yes, it is 100% drain water to the sink with 360 degree rotating swivel spout, no need worry about which side it is of your sink.

Laundry rack

It would hold one or two wet regular sized towels or 6-8 wet hand towels. Primarily its strength are small / light items like wet bras / wet socks / wet baby clothes. 

It will fit in an average size bathtub. 

It is sturdy and can hold a lot, but it's not really built to hold your whole washer full. It typically handles drying space for a few items. Perhaps a couple jeans, a couple sweaters, and some socks/undergarments at once. If you put too much on the rack, it won't allow the air to flow between the items very well. They will dry (obviously) but it would take longer if everything is crammed together.socks/undergarments at once.

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