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Pure fresh and green bathroom decoration , less than 4 square meters dry wet separated and stored

Pure and fresh and green  bathroom decoration ,less than 4 square meters dry wet separated and stored.

🍃 White and green collision, shower room with white terrazzo, dirty resistant and cheap. If you're not interested in terrazzo. Can be changed to other texture tiles.
🍃 Because the bathroom space is relatively small, it is recommended to use a semi-partition, the wet area is one centimeter lower, not only can achieve the effect of dry and wet separation, but also won't feel crowded when taking a bath.
The shower area also has a small shelf for basic storage needs.
🍃 The counter used mint green ceramic basin, the principle of depth collocation will never go wrong, compared with olive green more a fresh feeling, restore ancient ways and pure and fresh fusion is just right.
🍃 A built-in cabinet is designed opposite the bathroom cabinet, where most bathroom supplies can be stored.

[Demand for intelligent bathroom]
🍃 If the water pressure in your home is not enough or the water suddenly appears hot and cold when taking a bath in winter, it is recommended to install a pressurized/constant temperature hand shower.
🍃 intelligent toilet cleaning function and seat heating function is very practical, before buying check some of the guide will help you a lot, at this time the earlier reserved socket is quiet important.

🍃 Install a toilet bidet sprayer next to the intelligent toilet. Easy to clean dirty around the toilet.
🍃 bath lover can install an intelligent bathroom lighted mirror, which has anti-fog function, and will not easily leave water stains, very friendly to lazy people.
🍃 small bathroom installs towel rack of an electric heating to be equal to much a place receive, put the bath towel of family member, can dry already can disinfect again.
🌵🌵 light luxury elegant textured bathroom, do you like it? The natural green feels the whole person relaxed a lot.

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