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How to deep cleaning the floor? A home without health DEAD ANGLE!!!

Because weekend,my husband at home can help me to record, we have been waiting for the depth of the clean ground video finally had, you may want to ask:


How often do you clean them?

Clean every day except in rare cases

What time do you clean it every day?

It's a little after 7:00 p.m., dinner, after the kitchen is cleaned

What steps are required?

First wipe the floor of the kitchen (with wipes) and bathroom (with a special mop).

Then vacuum the whole house

Finish with a  imop. Wash the mop head clean, in the floor cleaner (can not need to re-water that kind of) in the birdblock, covered with detergent and then drag one or two rooms to wash the mop head furniture bottom, skirting, under the furniture, stair steps, behind the door and other dead spots to wipe oh after dragging mop head, Then put it into a hot tub, add washing powder and soak for half an hour. Wash the mop head and dry it in a place with good ventilation and lighting to prevent smell


What tools do you use? Where to buy?

Mop: Venetio store on Amazon, or, I bought it on wayfair, $50 a set. and you can buy replacements on their store too.


Vacuum cleaner: cordless vacuum cleaner suction, brush flat and flexible

I don't recommend mine. It's just so-so

Floor cleaner: Mr. Weimeng floor cleaner bought from Rt-Mart


How big is your home? How long will it take?

My house is 168+30 square meters terrace, less than 200 square meters.

Suction time 20-30 minutes (vacuum 30 minutes)

Mopping time 30-40 minutes.

Because insist on daily clean, the ground maintains well, plus oneself very quick, so very fast


What's the point of Posting this video?

Not to show off, but a lot of my fans noticed how clean the ground was and wanted to ask me about methods and tools. I just wanted to say it would make sense.

Secondly, I want to promote the idea of daily cleaning. In the past four or five years, I have persisted in daily cleaning and got a lot of good promotion. I hope that the healthy lifestyle can be used by more people


Not a lot of detail,

Yes, I am also learning, and the room for progress is very big, because the character is careless, do things really not careful ah, welcome guidance


Don't you go to work? !

I work and have to pick up the kids at night, cook, clean, dress, etc. 🙈 but I do not give up the quality of life, I am not clean! Stay active after dinner


It makes me tired. Aren't you tired

It's not that tiring. Cleaning every day is easier than accumulating and cleaning again

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