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VENETIO iMOP Spin Mop Series

It is an essential tool for those that seek a healthy hygienic lifestyle…

iMOP. The Leader in Spin Mop Technology. Here's How We Changed the Game.  


Less water consumption + reusable mop pads + cleaner floors β€” it's how the iMOP is making floor cleaning better and more sustainable.
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Innovative Features

Innovative self-cleaning

360 degree rapid spin clean

Compact and lightweight

Sleek and practical design

Premium Microfiber Mop Pads

The 0.4" thick microfiber pads provide superior absorption wet or dry. They quickly pick up debris, dust and dirt for faster, deeper cleaning. Dual-use for both wet mopping and dry dusting.

Easy and Comfortable to Use  

The adjustable stainless steel telescopic handle extends up to 55.25". Customize the length for ultimate comfort. Cleaning is no longer a chore with the well-crafted iMOP.

Sleek and Sophisticated Look

The iMOP's minimalist, elegant design adds modern style and sophistication to any space. The thoughtfully designed mop and bucket system looks sophisticated and luxurious in any home or office. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does iMOP work for pet owners?

iMOP features a specialized cleaning mechanism that captures and locks pet hair within the mop bucket during cleaning. 🐾 This prevents reintroduction of hair onto your floors, ensuring cleanliness. Suitable for pets of all sizes, iMOP effectively eliminates pet hair buildup, keeping your floors pristine.

How does the bucket filter the water?

The iMOP's bucket has a built-in water filtration system that removes particulates down to 5 microns in size.

How does the rotating joint work?

The flexible 360-degree rotating joint enables maneuvering the mop head horizontally or vertically for easier cleaning.

Is the mop pad removable?

Yes, the microfiber mop pad attaches via velcro for easy removal and replacement.

Can I adjust the handle height?

Yes, the stainless steel telescopic handle adjusts from 45.75" up to 55.25" to accommodate any any user height.

How often do I need to replace the mop pad?

For best results, replace the mop pad every 3 months with iMOP's machine-washable pads.