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What factors it will be of a high quality bathroom mirror?

Whether we are hotel or family procurement of bathroom mirror, Firstly we need pay attention on the collocation of the whole bathroom space, including the tone, material selection, bathroom style and so on.


 There are many choices of bathroom mirrors actually, for example, choose frame mirrors or frameless mirrors, what color, what dimension, mirror thickness, glass material, mirror function, mirror shape, so how should we choose a high grade bathroom mirror?

Now please follow us to understand what factors it will be of a high quality bathroom mirror:

1, First of all, the first point is certainly the size problem, this is easier to say, we can choose the bathroom mirror according to the size of the bathroom vanity.

In most cases, the size of a bathroom mirror is determined by the vanity size. Generally, the width of mirrors should be a few inches narrower than that of the vanity. It is suggested that you measure the sink or vanity before purchasing your desired mirror.

2, Anti-fogg mirror function is necessary.  

Because we are using bathroom everyday, and water vapor is big affirmation, the problem is the fog was full of whole mirror after taking a shower. The anti-fog mirror is really useful to help you get a clean and bright mirror at the moment. First of all, do not worry about the mirror fog,and, it can also play a protective role in the mirror.

As shown in the image above, the convenience is evident in removing water mist from the bathroom mirror


3, Bathroom mirror multi-function selection, the market is divided into two categories, one is ordinary mirror without lighting, the other is LED intelligent bathroom mirror, with lights, defogging, switch, time temperature, weather news, human body induction, from the practical function of course, but also not expensive, you can choose according to their own.

After making up a simple introduction, I think you already have a general idea about the desired bathroom mirror, but including the thickness of the glass we are generally choose 4-5 mm ultra white glass, guarantees the thickness, the other mirrors process is fastidious, reference point is epoxy resin copper silver mirror, oxidation rate, etc., I believe that either purchase or customize you already have plans after that .

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