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The iMop Process Explained

iMop spin mop with bucket for your easy floor cleaning


Gone are the days of pushing dirt, hair, and other particulates around your floors when mopping. Thanks to the iMop’s patented water filtration system, you can now clean your floors with confidence knowing that the water and mop head are truly particulate-free after every cleanse in the mop bucket. Unlike disposable mop head systems that are costly and require multiple mop head replacements during a single clean, the iMop utilizes the power of a rapid spin-agitator and a filtered water station to clean and replenish the mop head with the perfect amount of moisture for a seamless shopping experience. The process is extremely efficient and effective, delivering a high performance clean with significantly less effort than mops of the past. The iMop is truly an engineering marvel and has reimagined the future of mopping.

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