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When Technology Elevates Design

The device you’re reading this on is probably not just a technological marvel, but also an elegant piece of hardware.

For years we’ve seen advances in computing power simultaneously with increasing screen resolutions and clarity; the light shining from our displays now glistens with a crisp intensity. These screens are as beautiful as the device framing them.

We’re finally at a point where technological shortcomings no longer hold back design and engineering as much as they used to.Close up on an LED diode strip. The individual LEDs appear as small orange and yellow rectangles across the white colored strip. Instructional text is printed on the strip, around the LED diodes indicating where they should be cut. 

The tech bringing us remarkable eye candy through our devices has limitless possibilities.

Watch it:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uffVU7A-sqc

For Matrix Mirrors, we’re harnessing LED and OLED technology. With LED, the diodes slot in without taking up much space thus opening up the door to design freedom. By using OLED, the same tech found in some cutting edge smartphones, we’re able to make a remarkably thin illuminated mirror – one that sits almost flush with the wall.

Before now, lighting would often sit beside or above a mirror and would reflect harsh light sources back out. LED and OLED Matrix Mirrors are the light source. They sharpen, brighten, and create dynamic ambiance. Mirrors shouldn’t have a sole purpose.

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