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Even Fertilizer Garden Feeder Pro with 16oz Solution Bottle

Even Fertilizer Garden Feeder Pro with 16oz Solution Bottle

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Product Highlights:

✅ Uniform Fertilizer Dispersion: Our innovative hose nozzle utilizes the siphon principle to ensure precise and consistent distribution of fertilizer concentration, catering perfectly to the needs of gardening enthusiasts seeking optimal plant nutrition

✅ Ergonomic Design: Engineered for user comfort, our garden hose nozzle boasts an intuitive switch design that minimizes hand strain by eliminating the need for constant pressure. Whether handheld or in a stand-up position, it facilitates effortless fertilization without the discomfort of bending
✅ Gentle Water Spray: Delivering a delicate water spray, our hose sprayer nozzle safeguards plants from damage while allowing efficient fertilization of up to 200 pots within a mere 15-20 minutes, enhancing gardening efficiency and plant health

✅ Versatile Applications: With a detachable liquid spray bottle, our water hose sprayer nozzle offers unparalleled versatility, seamlessly transitioning between tasks such as fertilizing, watering, car washing, pet bathing, and yard cleaning, meeting the diverse needs of users
✅ Durable Construction: Crafted from robust ABS material, our hose end sprayer exhibits exceptional durability, resilience, and resistance to impact, ensuring reliable performance and longevity in the face of daily wear and tear

✅ Happy Fertilizing Promise: Each product undergoes strict production processes and quality control. If, within the initial 3 months, the garden hose sprayer fails to meet your expectations, reach out, and we'll promptly replace it or facilitate a return. We want you to be delighted and confident in your purchase

Product Description:

Our innovative garden hose nozzle revolutionizes gardening tasks. With a user-friendly design, it features a convenient thumb control for effortless fertilization. The integrated soap dispenser ensures thorough fertilizer dissolution, enhancing effectiveness. Offering 8 water flow settings, it easily adapts to various fertilization needs. Moreover, its rear-end head seamlessly connects to the quick connector for a secure link.

Application Scenarios:

a. Precisely hydrate plants for optimal growth.

b. Maintain lush lawns with the soap dispenser.

c. Tend to gardens and vegetable gardens with customizable water flow.

d. Wash cars effortlessly for a spotless finish.

e. Revitalize patios for a fresh appearance.

f. Give pets gentle showers for cleanliness and comfort.

Fertilizer Dilution Method:

Conduct sequential water and fertilizer tests to determine the ideal concentration. For a 1:1000 ratio and 3 kg water pressure, settings 1 and 8 deliver 28 liters and 8.5 liters of water, respectively. Add 23g of Duoduo's fertilizer to 450 ml of water for setting 1 and 64 ml of Miracle-Gro's fertilizer for setting 8.

Important More:

1. Users need a 3/4 inch GHT garden hose with quick connect female connector.

2. It has a sprinkler mode suitable for root watering; avoid pesticide spraying.

3. Store indoors to protect from low temperatures.

4. Only use liquid fertilizer; dissolve solid fertilizer beforehand.

5. Maintain at least 3 kg water pressure for soap dispenser operation.

6. Regularly clean the internal filter mesh to prevent blockages.

Contact customer service for assistance.

Wishing everyone joyful gardening!

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Even Fertilizer Garden Feeder Pro with 16oz Solution Bottle
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Even Fertilizer Garden Feeder Pro with 16oz Solution BottleVNGHN500ML-G
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